Local Arts – Buchanan Art Center

Buchanan Art Center – “Through Their Eyes” by Madelyn Kitchell This week I took an adventure to the Buchanan Art Center downtown. Currently they have an exhibit titled Through Their Eyes which contains photographs by Fred Slaski and Frances Sherwood. The exhibit is dedicated to Fred’s late wife Frances Sherwood. I found this exhibit veryContinue reading “Local Arts – Buchanan Art Center”

Buchanan Community Schools – Superintendent’s Note

A Note from BCS Superintendent by Patricia Robinson Buck Families, The first nine weeks are completed and students have had a full array of engaging activities that have allowed for everyone to be energized for the school year. As a district, we remain committed and focused on our vision: to develop responsible, resilient, creative citizens capableContinue reading “Buchanan Community Schools – Superintendent’s Note”

Health Huddle – Juice Plus

Juice Plus Submitted by TraciLee Smith Who sees a Rainbow 🌈 in the sky with all the BeaUty and all the colors and realize that our very plates at every meal should look like a rainbow? Do you eat a rainbow every day for every meal? Lots of laughter on that as very few ofContinue reading “Health Huddle – Juice Plus”

Local Arts – Musician Dave Van Dyke

A Chat With Local Buchanan Musician Dave Van Dyke by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer If you attended the summer concerts down at the Common, there’s a good chance you heard Dave Van Dyke’s song, “Small Town Come on Home to me.” Perhaps you did not hear it. However, you are in luck because thereContinue reading “Local Arts – Musician Dave Van Dyke”

Upcoming Event – Small Town Big Christmas 2021

Small Town Big Christmas Returns for 2021 The Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce and The City of Buchanan are excited to bring our small town, Buchanan, this event. For more details on where each event is held, click on this link: Small Town Big Christmas information. Who: Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce and The CityContinue reading “Upcoming Event – Small Town Big Christmas 2021”

Special Word of Thanks – Cans for Veterans

I want to thank again all the people that helped me in the can support for our local veterans of Buchanan. I also want to thank the local businesses that participated in the collection event (Buchanan Hardings, Buchanan Redbud Hardware, Buchanan District Library, and Buchanan Area Senior Center). With all the collection of cans and bottlesContinue reading “Special Word of Thanks – Cans for Veterans”

Past Event – Buchanan Tree Planting

Buchanan Tree Planters Making a Difference While Setting a Record! by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Buchanan Tree Friends hosted the “ReLeaf Michigan” Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 8:45am – 1pm. A record breaking, statewide of 150 volunteers from an infant being carried on its parents’ backs to kids and adults of all ages showedContinue reading “Past Event – Buchanan Tree Planting”

Nature Notes – Osage Orange

Osage Orange by Jill K. McDonald Scattered along roadsides and the edges of fields, large green orbs the size of grapefruits can be observed with a watchful eye. The surface appears interestingly wrinkly and bumpy. They stand out vividly among bare autumn trees, though only the female trees produce fruit. When cut open, the sapContinue reading “Nature Notes – Osage Orange”

Mayor’s Memo – Good News

Buchanan Good News by Mayor Sean Denison There are so many good things happening in Buchanan right now it’s hard to list all of them, but I wanted to update the readers on just a few highlights: The new wastewater treatment facility is nearing completion and will soon be coming online. This year we haveContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Good News”