Local Charities – Moore Fund

Moore Fund Grows in Buchanan By Kelly Brown It started last year, the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, local businesses in Buchanan shut down or forced to move to take-out/curbside service. Gift cards from those businesses were purchased with the instruction to hand them out to those who seem in need of them. Flower arrangementsContinue reading “Local Charities – Moore Fund”

Local Business – Lehman’s Farmhouse

Restaurant Spotlight: Lehman’s Farmhouse By Jill McDonald A unique dining experience awaits you in Buchanan, Michigan! In the heart of downtown, just a block from Front Street and Redbud Trail, is a one-stop restaurant-brewery-distillery-winery-store-and event center! Serving the local community in downtown Buchanan since April 2017, Lehman’s Farmhouse serves up locally sourced foods on theirContinue reading “Local Business – Lehman’s Farmhouse”

Local Tragedy – Follow-Up

West Wind Fire : R.A.M. Follow-Up by Nik Sanchez March 15th was a markedly disastrous day in the town of Buchanan, MI. So many families were displaced and lost nearly everything, including things we all take for granted. The fire at West Wind Apartments proved to be a horrendous day for 46 different people includingContinue reading “Local Tragedy – Follow-Up”

Nature Notes

Flying Jewels Soon to Arrive By Jill McDonald With their iridescent glow, as the sunlight beautifully reflects off their delicate soft-feathered body, these tiny creatures are a sight to behold! Moving at speeds of 25 mph or more, and normally beating its wings around 75 times per second, the ruby throated hummingbird is a tinyContinue reading “Nature Notes”

Local Clubs – One Buchanan

Hope of One Buchanan Collaboration of Monroe Lemay & Rebecka Hoyt One Buchanan is now a public initiative advancing Buchanan as a city that welcomes and cares for all people irrespective of race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. Founded in 2016, the first forum held in 2018 introduced One Buchanan to the community. TheContinue reading “Local Clubs – One Buchanan”

Buchanan Sports

Town Trophies By Nik Sanchez Many wonder what it takes to make the Hall of Fame, it’s more than just winning. Putting together a great season does not come easy, just ask the 1966 Buchanan football team and the 1976 Buchanan men’s basketball team. For those years, those high school players achieved greatness, honored theContinue reading “Buchanan Sports”

Local Clubs – Buchanan Scarecrow Charities

Ground Breaking for Future Home of Buchanan Scarecrow Charities By Jean Rose Friday, March 12, 2021, was the official groundbreaking for the future home of the Buchanan Scarecrow Charities. The Fisher-Rahiser Group formed by Mary Fisher and Brian Fisher purchased land at 606 Carroll Street in Buchanan Township. This property is on the south sideContinue reading “Local Clubs – Buchanan Scarecrow Charities”

Buchanan District Library

Hello from the Buchanan District Library By Meg Paulette, Director, Buchanan District Library Looking for something new to read? Check out what your friends and neighbors are reading with this short list of some of last month’s most circulated books. Adult Fiction: Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate Walk the Wire by David BaldacciContinue reading “Buchanan District Library”

Local Clubs – Buckteen Reunion

Buckteen Reunion By Jerry Flenar Lester McGowan (class of 1917) organized the first Buckteen Reunion in 1955 with 25 members attending from the “teen” years.  From that year forward, a Buckteen Reunion has been held for former Buchanan High School alumni who have been out of school 40 full years or more.  The Buckteen ReunionContinue reading “Local Clubs – Buckteen Reunion”