Community Celebration – 420

Buchanan’s 4/20 Follow-Up by Stephanie Fain *You must be at least 21 years old to view this content. Medical cannabis use is for certified patients only. The Buchanan Chronicle does not intend to promote cannabis use except as advised by your health professional.* I will never forget it, the weather was confused. It was snowing,Continue reading “Community Celebration – 420”

Local Business – Buchanan Farmers’ Market

Buchanan Farmers’ Market Submitted by Ashley Hanson Saturdays come alive at the Buchanan Common from May till October. Vendors ascend the grass for the weekly event every Saturday morning. Visitors are welcomed with all kinds of sights, sounds, smells and tastes to tantalize all their senses. Local farmers bring their produce, flowers, meat and eggsContinue reading “Local Business – Buchanan Farmers’ Market”

Mayor’s Memo

The Andrews University Project by Mayor Sean Denison I just wanted to quickly offer some answers to questions I have been asked regarding the Andrews University project. First, I have been asked why we are wasting taxpayer money on the project instead of fixing our infrastructure. The truth is, we are paying Andrews University aContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo”

Buchanan District Library

Hello from the Buchanan District Library Spring has sprung! The trees are budding and flowers are blooming, especially around the Common Area.  Be sure to come to the Farmer’s Marketing opening on May 1st and walk around the StoryWalk to read WHERE IS BEAR? by Leslea Newman. BOOK REVIEW | Ashley Phillips, one of ourContinue reading “Buchanan District Library”

An IMPORTANT Note from the Editor

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor Do you ever find that you are always learning something new every day or every week? Ever since I started researching the newspaper business and starting The Buchanan Chronicle, I am constantly learning something new or improving in some area, all the time now! And it’s all good as we doContinue reading “An IMPORTANT Note from the Editor”

Nature Notes – Places

Trillium Ravine Preserve by Jill McDonald Imagine stepping into a peaceful forest where the trees are just starting to bud out their tiny, tender leaves. Before you is a trail that has been lovingly trod upon, as indicated by the single path only wide enough for one person at a time. However, do not worry,Continue reading “Nature Notes – Places”

Local Clubs – AHG

American Heritage Girls News Submitted by Kathy Furst American Heritage Girls (AHG) is a Christ-centered character and leadership development program for girls 5-18 years of age. The AHG Tagline is Faith, Service, and Fun! For the girls in Mi2006 chartered to Buchanan Christian Church, they have been doing a lot of each. Recent meetings andContinue reading “Local Clubs – AHG”

Buchanan Community Schools – BHS Seniors

“Adopt” a BHS Senior – Class of 2021 Submitted by Jennie Brackett Last spring, a friend of mine set up the inaugural ‘Adopt a Buchanan High School’ senior group for the class of 2020. The intention was to shower love on the seniors who ended up having a crazy, virtual end to their senior year.Continue reading “Buchanan Community Schools – BHS Seniors”

BCS Student Gallery – Moccasin

Earth Day Bags by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor In our 4th issue of our school spotlight, 4th graders at Moccasin Elementary School in Heidi Holloway’s class, took some time to color, draw and write on brown grocery bags for Earth Day. The bags were then taken back to Harding’s here in town for them to useContinue reading “BCS Student Gallery – Moccasin”