Local Clubs – An Interview with Miss Buchanan 2020

Jade Smith, Miss Buchanan 2020 by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer December of 2019 was the last time the Miss Buchanan Scholarship Pageant was held and Jade Smith was crowned Queen for Miss Buchanan 2020. During a recent phone interview while she’s attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I learned more about howContinue reading “Local Clubs – An Interview with Miss Buchanan 2020”

Now That’s Funny!

by Julie Hoyt and Thomas Hoyt So on a Wednesday, a youth pastor decided to have pancakes for a youth group.  He tried it at his house. Let’s just say it didn’t go well 🤮.  So he thought that waffles would be easier.  Wednesday comes and the first one to make a waffle is myContinue reading “Now That’s Funny!”

A Note from the Publisher

by Jen Garry, Publisher Welcome to 2022! We’re so grateful to be able to bring Buchanan all the latest and most local news! Thank you as always for reading along with us, to interact with and learn about your community and things that affect your neighbors, your family, and you! An introduction is needed, asContinue reading “A Note from the Publisher”

Automotive Tech Tips – Winter

Winter Safety Tips by Thomas Hoyt It’s wintertime now and we all know this can mean slippery roads and the possibility of being stranded somewhere for sliding off the road. So here’s a few simple things that we can do to be prepared for such an event, just in case. First off, it’s always aContinue reading “Automotive Tech Tips – Winter”

Local Opinion – Truck Traffic

Semi-truck traffic in Downtown Buchanan Submitted by Steve Raglin Dear Buchanan Chronicle, It’s time for the city to put an end to the semi-truck traffic barreling down Front St. through our historic downtown area.  As I sit in my store a very large semi-truck just bounced by rattling everything within. It’s quite startling at timesContinue reading “Local Opinion – Truck Traffic”

Now That’s Funny!

by Garrick Stubblefield Mismarked Chicken So I work here at the local Harding’s store in Buchanan, in the deli department. One day an older lady asked me what part of the chicken would feed her and a dog of hers. She ended up getting a breast, which is usually the biggest piece of all theContinue reading “Now That’s Funny!”

Nature Notes – Meteorologist Matt Rudkin

Weather Forecaster Goes Freelance by Jill K. McDonald, Writer, and Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Just before Christmas, some of our team got the chance to have a Google Meet interview with Meteorologist Matt Rudkin. Most of our readers know him as the former Chief Meteorologist at the WSBT 22 TV station in Mishawaka, IN.Continue reading “Nature Notes – Meteorologist Matt Rudkin”

Local Veterans – Stories of Local Vets

Stories of Local Vets by Garrick Stubblefield This entire year I will be trying to interview local vets that have served our country and give us some stories that they experienced in the time they served.  Garrick Stubblefield, MSSA Navy Garrick served in the Navy and was a “mess specialist” in the Navy. Garrick servedContinue reading “Local Veterans – Stories of Local Vets”

The Clark Barker

It’s Cold Outside! Oh wow, is it getting cold outside! My human keeps telling me that one of these days, they are going to put my little snow boots on me. Oh just great…but I really don’t like it when my feet get cold when there is snow and ice with temperatures lower than 20℉.Continue reading “The Clark Barker”