Automotive Tech Tips – Winter

Winter Safety Tips by Thomas Hoyt It’s wintertime now and we all know this can mean slippery roads and the possibility of being stranded somewhere for sliding off the road. So here’s a few simple things that we can do to be prepared for such an event, just in case. First off, it’s always aContinue reading “Automotive Tech Tips – Winter”

Local Opinion – Truck Traffic

Semi-truck traffic in Downtown Buchanan Submitted by Steve Raglin Dear Buchanan Chronicle, It’s time for the city to put an end to the semi-truck traffic barreling down Front St. through our historic downtown area.  As I sit in my store a very large semi-truck just bounced by rattling everything within. It’s quite startling at timesContinue reading “Local Opinion – Truck Traffic”

Health Huddle – COVID Updates

Spectrum Health Lakeland – COVID-19 Response : Keeping You Informed Berrien County, MI – January 13, 2022 No relief in sight as COVID-19 numbers remain high: Spectrum Health Lakeland continues to hit record numbers in the ongoing COVID-19 surge. We are encountering more hospitalized patients, more ICU patients, more ventilator usage than ever in ourContinue reading “Health Huddle – COVID Updates”

Community Press Release – HCU New CR Director

Honor Credit Union Announces Alex Grumbine as Director of Commercial Relationships Submitted by Halee Niemi, Honor Credit Union PR Manager Berrien Springs, MI – January 5, 2022 Honor Credit Union is thrilled to announce the hire of Alex Grumbine as its new Director of Commercial Relationships. In his new role, Grumbine is responsible for leadingContinue reading “Community Press Release – HCU New CR Director”

Community Press Release – Honor Credit Union

Honor Credit Union Community Commitment Scholarship Winners Announced Submitted by Kayla Smith, Honor Credit Union Brand Specialist Berrien Springs, MI – January 14, 2022 Honor Credit Union is pleased to announce that the 2022 Honor Credit Union Community Commitment Scholarship window is now open for applications. The credit union will award a $1,000 scholarship toContinue reading “Community Press Release – Honor Credit Union”

Now That’s Funny!

by Garrick Stubblefield Mismarked Chicken So I work here at the local Harding’s store in Buchanan, in the deli department. One day an older lady asked me what part of the chicken would feed her and a dog of hers. She ended up getting a breast, which is usually the biggest piece of all theContinue reading “Now That’s Funny!”

Community Press Release – HCU at Brandywine Elementary School

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Brandywine Elementary School Student Credit Union Submitted by Karol Behrle, Honor Credit Union Community Assistant Vice President Brandywine Elementary School celebrated the grand opening and ribbon cutting of the Bobcat Student Credit Union on Wednesday, January 5th at 2:15pm. The Bobcat Student Credit Union, a division of Honor, is located insideContinue reading “Community Press Release – HCU at Brandywine Elementary School”

Local Business – Bucktown Nutrition

New Owner for Bucktown Nutrition by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer, with Photos submitted by Bucktown Nutrition owner, Stephanie Anderson As you make your way into Bucktown Nutrition at 105 Days Avenue, you will be seeing a couple new faces. Stephanie Anderson is now the new owner, and her mom, Anna, will be joining her.Continue reading “Local Business – Bucktown Nutrition”

Mayor’s Memo

Happy New Year! by Mayor Sean Denison One of the questions I get the most is – what is the city doing with any revenues that it receives from the marijuana industry in town?  The answer is – we are reinvesting it in our community.  Our recently rolled out economic development incentive programs are beingContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo”

Automotive Tech Tips

Check Engine Light On? by Thomas Hoyt We’ve all had this happen to us at some time or another, the check engine light comes on in our automobile. Well I had a new experience for me a while ago. It was mid-December and as I was on my way home the check engine light startedContinue reading “Automotive Tech Tips”