Past Event – Niles YMCA Ribbon-Cutting

Niles-Buchanan YMCA Expansion Ribbon-Cutting by Jen Garry, Publisher, with photos by Miranda Barger In case you missed it, Niles-Buchanan YMCA has expanded! June 2020 they broke ground, and after 5 years of planning and $2.6 million, this exciting 14,000 square-foot addition was unveiled to the public last Tuesday, October 12, 2021, and by 5:15pm theContinue reading “Past Event – Niles YMCA Ribbon-Cutting”

Past Event – Faith and Blue 2021

Faith & Blue Weekend 2021 by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer Last weekend was Faith and Blue Day 2021. This has been happening around our nation for the last couple of years and this year, the police department reached out to Buchanan’s area churches to participate with them. On Saturday, 10/9/21, there were “Pastries andContinue reading “Past Event – Faith and Blue 2021”

Upcoming Event – Trek-or-Treat 2021

Trek-or-Treat at McCoy’s Creek Trail (2021 Welcome to Candyland) Submitted by Jerry Flenar In Buchanan, ghosts, witches and assorted characters are making preparations for the 16th Annual Trek-or-Treat event. Kids and parents should mark their calendars for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 FROM 12:30-2:00 PM for great family fun. Once again, 25 to 30 Halloween characters willContinue reading “Upcoming Event – Trek-or-Treat 2021”

The Clark Barker

Some Halloween Trick-or-Treating Tips Since Halloween is before our next issue in November, I thought I would do another short one on Halloween Trick-or-Treating tips for you humans. Trick-or-Treating is from 6:00 – 7:30pm Sunday, October 31. Use glow sticks, clothing reflectors and flashlights while walking on sidewalks/crossing streets/and going into driveways/yards.  Only cross atContinue reading “The Clark Barker”

The Clark Barker

Kids Being Kids The other day, my Editor and Publisher were driving down one of Buchanan’s main roads as the hydrants were in the process of being flushed. As they came up to an intersection, they noticed a few kids and thought the kids were going to cross the road, but they didn’t, they stoppedContinue reading “The Clark Barker”

Now That’s Funny!

by Garrick Stubblefield What happens when you get married: Both the husband and wife were beekeepers and always buzzing each other away from themselves. A wife married her husband who was a crane operator and she was always in an up & down relationship. A husband that was a trucker married his wife and they bothContinue reading “Now That’s Funny!”

Local Family – Office of Governor Whitmer Childcare Response

Email Response From Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to Miranda Barger Submitted by Miranda Barger, Response from MI Gov. Whitmer This is an email response from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer that one of our new writers, Miranda Barger, received regarding the cost of child care and working parents. Date: Wed, Sep 29, 2021 Subject: Fwd: RE: GovernorContinue reading “Local Family – Office of Governor Whitmer Childcare Response”

Community Events – Small Town Big Christmas 2021

Small Town Big Christmas Returns for 2021 The Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce and The City of Buchanan are excited to bring our small town, Buchanan, this event. For more details on where each event is held, click on this link: Small Town Big Christmas information. Who: Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce and The CityContinue reading “Community Events – Small Town Big Christmas 2021”

Community Events – Faith and Blue 2021

BAMA and BCC to Host Faith & Blue Weekend 2021 Write-Up by Pastor Nate Babcock, Buchanan Christian Church Pastor The churches of the Buchanan Area Ministerial Association (BAMA) are excited to partner with the Buchanan Police Department for Faith & Blue 2021.  According to “Faith & Blue was launched to facilitate safer, stronger, moreContinue reading “Community Events – Faith and Blue 2021”

Now That’s Funny!

by Garrick Stubblefield What happens when you get married: If a husband was a tire repairman then the wife would be always jacked up. If either the husband or wife was an attorney they both would swear to tell the truth. If either husband or wife was bank officer they would need to show theirContinue reading “Now That’s Funny!”