Local Opinion

Face Masks Response Submitted by Bob White I would like to respond to a letter published in Issue 13 entitled “Local Opinion – Face Masks”.  I hesitate to wade into a political battle but since the author has attempted to cite science to support their position I believe I can offer some perspective. The authorContinue reading “Local Opinion”

Local Opinion

Face Masks Submitted with permission from Don Ryman by Stephanie Fain Attached is a copy of my comments to the Buchanan District School Board Monday, September 20, 2021. “The emperor has no clothes! The emperor has no clothes! The mandated masks do absolutely nothing to protect the children who are mandated to wear them. OnlyContinue reading “Local Opinion”

Local Opinion

Should We Have Left Afghanistan? Submitted by Kenneth Peterson, MAJ USA (Ret.), Buchanan MI Twenty years ago, the U.S. entered Afghanistan to root out Al Qaeda terrorists and topple the Taliban government for attacks against the U.S. on 9/11.  American troops quickly crushed the Taliban forces who offered an unconditional surrender in Dec 2001, whichContinue reading “Local Opinion”

A Note from the Publisher

by Jen Garry, Publisher The Buchanan Chronicle Wants to Hear from You! Just a note about submissions: We very much want to hear from you! We want your opinions, questions, comments, and story ideas! We want to make announcements and help you spread the word about anything relevant to our Buchanan community. We want toContinue reading “A Note from the Publisher”

Community Event – Redevelopment Meeting Follow-Up

Community Redevelopment Meeting in Buchanan Common – Follow-Up by The Buchanan Chronicle Team The Buchanan Chronicle team took in the Community Redevelopment Meeting on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 in downtown Buchanan, MI at the Common. We believe there were at least 100 people that braved the cooler weather and rain. Thank goodness for that big,Continue reading “Community Event – Redevelopment Meeting Follow-Up”